Voices of Midtown

“Voices of Midtown” is an ongoing special project developed by the student-reporters enrolled in NNB. Each episode tells the story of a person with strong connections to Midtown, whether they live, work, or participate in any form in the daily life of this historic neighborhood.

All stories are told in a first person in a “slice-of-life” format. Student-reporters used a variety of media equipment and software to create their own thread in the tapestry that “Voices of Midtown” represents.  These first stories are a test-run for the project and illustrate the project’s overall potential and scope.

NNB’s goal is to keep the project going through community partnerships that will allow better quality in equipment and production values. We sincerely hope you enjoy meeting the people who represent the wealth in history, experience, and culture of this historic community.



Mt. Zion Community Marching Band

By Tamiracle Williams, Neighborhood News Bureau.

Voices of Midtown: Nageé Hester, Server at Chief’s Creole Cafe


Voices of Midtown: Annie Tyrell, Annie’s Beauty Supply Owner


Voices of Midtown: Andra Walters, Transportation and Security Coordinator

Voices of Midtown: Lorenzo Jackson, Car Accident Survivor

Voices of Midtown – Quan Jones, scorekeeper

Voices of Midtown: Gertrude Jones, Teacher

Voices of Midtown – Mr. C, The Performing Arts Director

Voices Of Midtown- Shanika Thomas, Proud Mother of Two

Voices of Midtown – Dave McGuire, Volunteer at Boyd Hill Nature Preserve

Voices of Midtown – Brittany Harris, Pinellas County Urban League Young Professionals