Spring 2021

Instructors: Dr. Janet Keeler & Vanya Tsvetkova

Teaching Assistant: Aya Diab

Undergraduate Assistant: Courtney Amos

Part of the focus of this class is the understanding of and learning about community journalism and its importance to local communities. Students were assigned to three beats: Faith, Food and Youth. They covered Midtown St. Petersburg and the city of Gulfport, adjacent to the west.


Annalise Anderson
Kristen Boehm
Aliah Farley
Malique Ferrette
Julia Gennocro
Hannah Simpson
Jessica Stewart


Nicole Billing
Catherine Burke
Samantha Harris
Emily Heise
Lauren Kemmish
Mark Parker
Catalina Rasdall
Olivia Sawdy


Brianna Brosch
Rebecca Bryan
Alexendra Davis
Catherine Hicks
Madison Hursh
Andrew Quinlan
Baron Reichenbach


Dr. Bernardo Motta, assistant professor of journalism and media theory, led the efforts of the Neighborhood News Bureau from 2015 to 2020.