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Welcome to Midtown, St. Petersburg and to the USFSP’s Neighborhood News Bureau.

On this web portal, you will find news and information about Midtown produced by student-reporters from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg’s (USFSP) Department of Journalism & Media Studies through the Neighborhood News Bureau (NNB). Our office is located off-campus, embedded in the Midtown community, in the Enoch Davis Center, one of South St. Petersburg’s busiest community centers. NNB produces hard-hitting news, investigative stories and features covering the lives of the people who live, work and play in the historic African-American Neighborhoods of South St. Petersburg, Florida. Please check the links below to learn more about our work.

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About NNB

NNB is a newsroom, an educational center, a resource for the community, a partner to community organizations, a repository of local black history, and much more. Find out more about who we are and what we do here.

New film ‘Art in the City’ calls St. Pete its home

BY ERIN MURPHY, Neighborhood News Bureau ST. PETERSBURG – With museums, music, murals and more, the city of St. Petersburg’s thriving arts scene offers tourists and locals alike a place to escape, enjoy and find inspiration. For Cranstan ...

NNB Special Projects

The NNB Special Projects are created with the help of the Midtown communities and of local organizations and media partners. Usually, the projects are built during a regular class semester and maintained by the NNB staff thereafter.
This resource page will be available in the spring of 2017.

Midtown Resources

Midtown Resources showcases organizations, community centers, information and people who provide help and services to the local communities in a variety of issues. NNB is compiling all information about service providers in 2017 and will keep adding ...

Midtown K-12 News

Midtown K-12 News is a USFSP Neighborhood News Bureau program to improve media and journalism education in South St. Petersburg. USFSP NNB students work with local teachers and programs to develop curriculum, enhance student learning, provide ...

Community Journalism Resources

Starting in the spring of 2017, USFSP faculty and students engaged in community journalism research will be sharing their publications on this page. We are also compiling hundreds of resources to help journalists and community members to report on ...
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150 Years of African American History in St. Petersburg

Midtown Moments: The Chattaway

By Brittany Cravatta Enjoy Your Meal Next to a Beautiful Garden The Chattaway’s is a privately owned restaurant on the corner of 22nd Ave and 4th St. South. Built in the 1920s, people stopped by to buy snacks while traveling to other cities. Owner Jillian Frers claimed that she had been running the business since the 1950s when it officially ...
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A Community on the Verge of Extinction

Filmed by USFSP student, Tracy Darity, this video shows her concerns regarding "concerning gentrification, the Warehouse Arts District," and the lack of entertainment options in Midtown, St. Petersburg. According to Darity, "as a person of color, I believe this is a very important topic, and it saddens me that black community has grown numb to what is ...


NNB partners with local media outlets and community organizations for projects. We are now looking for institutional partners. If you would like to support NNB's mission and work, please contact us.  

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