NNB is a community journalism organization and, therefore, we put the community first. That means you, your family, your neighbors and all those who come in and out of our neighborhood to help to make it better. We create projects together, learn from them together, and, together, we share them with our local communities and with the larger communities out there. What we produce belongs to the community and stays with the community.

Communication is the needle and thread that forms community and culture. Individuals are all right, but human beings are more human when they connect and interact as a group, sharing experiences, building common ground and looking to achieve common goals. NNB looks to serve as part of that thread, facilitating the community conversations and interactions, connecting people’s stories and experiences to those of the larger community, and providing community spaces for dialogue and understanding.

If knowledge is power, good community journalism is empowerment. We work together to acquire information, make sense of it, and share it in the most helpful and meaningful way. We acquire and create knowledge, but we also reexamine it, critique it, put it in context of our community’s shared experience. We learn from experience, from experimentation, from research and from dialogue. And we do it all together, transparently. What we know becomes part of the community wisdom