Midtown Moments: The Chattaway

By Brittany Cravatta

Enjoy Your Meal Next to a Beautiful Garden

The Chattaway’s is a privately owned restaurant on the corner of 22nd Ave and 4th St. South. Built in the 1920s, people stopped by to buy snacks while traveling to other cities. Owner Jillian Frers claimed that she had been running the business since the 1950s when it officially became a restaurant.

Frers placed a garden on the outside of her restaurant as a memoir of her mother who loved to garden.


Enjoy A Day in the Tea Room with a Reservation

When one makes a special reservation, they can enjoy a day in the tea room. Originally from London, England, Frers stated the tea room was a “representation of her family’s British heritage.” Customers can enjoy the taste of Britain while dining in a more casual and comfortable environment. The design of the room shows many beautiful antiques brought back from Frers homeland.


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